The ABC's of Qi Gong

We are always cultivating and/or using our energy.  We move, which requires energy.  We eat which is taking energy into our bodies.  We absorb countless sense impressions all day long which impact us, generally below the level of our awareness.  Are our movements free and opening our meridians or energy channels?  Or are our movements tense, impeding the flow of QI?  Do we consume good energy or merely calories?  Are we overwhelmed with what our work, social and living environments throw at us?

 So we must

Qi gong is a system of exercises where we gather, direct and cultivate our energy.  Becoming aware of our Qi, we become attuned to how we use our bodies, our minds and our energy.  Can you afford not to pay attention to your health?  Spring into Health and sign up for our next Sunlight Qi Gong class which begins Tuesday April 4th, 2017 at the Takoma Park, MD Community Center.  Class size is limited.