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Energize Your Kitchen

In a well run kitchen, nothing is ever wasted, it is only transformed. 

August Escoffier Le Guide Culinaire

Last year Patrick offered a 90 minute keynote address to the 21st , and both he and Joann offered a 60 minute Qi Gong training.  We are happy to announce that the feedback received by the MD/DE/DC Chapter has led to an invitation to return to give an address on Monday, October 2.   Patrick will share experiences of how applying Mindfulness Practices and Qi Gong enhance not only our personal lives, but also how these practices can be applied to the workplace, leading to greater health and well being.  We will assist participants in developing practical reminders from the daily work life of a professional CDM to help us wake up and connect to the present moment.  Active participation in simple flowing Qi Gong exercises will offer all of us ways to cultivate and transform our personal energy.

Join us for the 22nd Annual Conference By the Sea October 1 -3, 2017 at the Grand Hotel in Ocean City, MD.


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