Qi is the Mandarin term for “life energy” - the animating power flowing within all of life. We can sense this in ourselves and in nature.  Gong means work or cultivation.  Qi Gong is a way of working with our vital life energy.  Qi Gong exercises are designed to   cultivate our Qi, to increase its flow and distribution and to improve the health of our body and minds.

Health Benefits

The heath benefits of Qi Gong have been known in China for thousands of years.  Over the past 40 years,  Western science has been studying and documenting the beneficial aspects of these simple stimulative movements. 

In July of 2015 the American Journal of Preventive Medicine reviewed nine studies of Tai Chi (the most popular and well known form of Qi Gong in America) and found those that practice regularly “appear to have a protective effect against age-related cognitive decline.”  Coupled with the physical benefits of Qi Gong practice we have access to a complete system for gently caring for our total body and mind.

Physical Benefits

Qi Gong exercises are varied and are performed slow and gently. The intent is to open various gates controlling while also stimulating its’ flow. This results in increased flexibility, better balance and an improved range of motion. As we open “energy blockages” excess tension in muscles, tendons and fascia are released allowing for proper use and alignment of our joints.

With regular practice, pain is reduced and the nervous system functioning is improved resulting in a reduction of stress hormones. As the effects of the stress hormones are lessened overall health is improved.