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Minding Your Business


Is 2019 the year you will optimize your health?

Is 2019 the time to begin to neutralize on-the-job stress?

Are you ready to improve both your personal & professional life?

Minding Your Business is a renewable strategy for managing work related STRESS. Recently Stanford’s Jeffrey Pfeffer shared statistics illustrating how work adversely impacts our health. Workplace stress is now the 5th leading cause of death in America. Think about that for a moment. It’s terrifying - as we all have to work. Are we truly Dying for a Paycheck, as his compelling title suggests?

In Minding Your Business we will learn to manage the energy of our workday by employing the principles of Qi Gong - being grounded, balanced & flexible. By incorporating Mindful breaks known as “Take Fives,” participants will learn simple, gentle and effective Mindfulness and Qi Gong practices that can be used by anyone, anywhere at anytime.The practices learned in Minding Your Business require no special equipment nor dedicated spaces.

A wide range of practices will be offered to fit your needs. As you cultivate these “Take Fives,” the relaxation response will neutralize the stress response, maximizing your ability to perform your duties without sacrificing your health. Communication, adaptability & creativity will thrive at work and home. How can you not give yourself this gift of health for the New Year, the New You?

The six 75 minute sessions of Minding Your Business will begin January 8th at 7pm in the dance studio of the Takoma Park Community Center. The classes will be spread out over 10 weeks to allow for deep learning and experience. Nudges will be provided throughout the work week via texts and additional written material will be provided electronically. All that is required to begin cultivating a healthy response to workplace stress is an open mind and a willingness to experiment.

Sign up today and begin Living for Your Paycheck by Minding Your Business!

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What are you waiting for - Your Health is in Your Hands!

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